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nLighten deeply understands customers’ needs for software-effectiveness, so we offer customized application services exclusively for you. Conceptualized from the perspective of user needs, nLighten designs intuitive multi-touch interfaces with large-icons, incorporate the images of your company into the creative visual design and multimedia animation, to bring the customers an impressive interactive experience. Unique user experience will reinforce customer loyalty to your products (brand) and achieve the highest level of effectiveness from your promotions.
Other than the creative ideas and visual design for the interface, nLighten’s team in software technology is dedicated to the research and development of new technologies. With years of experience in multi-touch interactive software development, nLighten’s technical team effectively integrates successful experiences of cross-industry and cross-platform cases into its management of software development knowledge and continuously incorporates new technologies, such as Kinect gesture, infrared detection, image recognition, QR code parsing, and RFID information management, into the development projects to bring customers true innovative and interactive services combined with art and technology.

nLighten understands our customers’ needs for sustainable applications, so we specially developed the information content update mechanism. It can be operated through remote connection via a network or direct back-end server. This mechanism enables our customers to conveniently and rapidly update the information and contents of their application services through the content management software. This is a solution to maximize the cost-effectiveness from the one-time software development and ensure sustainability of the software services.

For your interactive application services, nLighten's customized software enables you to easily collect user habits and preferences on how your services are used, including frequency, length of time, and click rate. Accurate data will help you precisely analyze the effectiveness of your software system, understand your customers, and bring in infinite opportunities. eLighten helps you plan a complete hardware and software integrated solution, so you don't need to hunt for separate applications from multiple suppliers. Through professional, efficient, and complete services, nLighten will help you easily set up a full system of hardware and software services.

For department stores and shopping malls, nLighten developed a large interactive software and hardware system. Through quality floor guide services and multimedia product showcase, this system effectively enhances brand images, and its member services and real-time new update functions, plus the content management platform, offers the businesses a platform for sustainable management, as well as extra benefits for brand promotion and advertising.
The large interactive TV wall, developed by nLighten offers businesses a great tool for presentation of their history, corporate images, and events. This is a huge leap in improvement from the static exhibitions. Multi-user and multi-touch makes the experiences fun and memorable and give the visitors a deep impression on the corporate image.
nLighten offers the banking industry automated branch services, including inquiry, banking product presentation, and real-time financial information systems. nLighten has also developed cross-platform mobile services for the banking service industry, providing the customers all-rounded experiences and helping the industry to successfully upgrade their brand images.
nLighten’s Kinect gesture operation technology create the concept of innovative living for the customers. Applications for mobile phone cameras, QR code connection, and community website upload create interesting and innovative experiences for the users for enhanced marketing and advertising effectiveness.
With the rapid development of the tourism industry in Taiwan, well-known factories that have in business for a long time successively transformed their factories into tourism factories. nLighten seized this opportunity to develop multi-touch software and hardware systems, converting the knowledge of traditional manufacture into digital presentation and integrating fun activities into education for upgrade interactive tourism display.
For conceptualization of school and city development and creating a smart city integrated with art, culture, and technology, nLighen utilized LED dynamic light sculpture lampposts to create interesting and fun interactive experiences with the pedestrians. This innovative installation successfully created a unique and innovative atmosphere on a metropolitan campus.

For the hotel service industry, nLighten developed a large interactive lobby and guide system, integrated with interactive 3D floor maps. This fun interactive system effectively enhances customer satisfaction, create an information friendly environment, and effectively reduce the expenses for front-line service personnel.
For airports, nLighten offers innovative interactive guide services and flight information system, integrated with featured scenic spot interactive photo editing system. This system provides tourists a fun time and memorable moment at the front door of a nation.